Saw Jake move

A couple of hours ago I could actually see the force Jake is exerting on Cheryl when he kicks. It’s quite an unusual sight to see something push outwards from within a person!

It’s actually quite reassuring to know that Jake is developing his muscles and getting ready for life on the outside in just 3 months and a few days.

We’re really looking forward to his arrival. 🙂

Jake, my son

Cheryl and I went to hospital for the 20-week scan today. We were told there was a good chance of finding out the gender of our child.

Within a minute if the scan starting we were told we were having a son! 🙂

We had already picked out names for both a boy and a girl, and so we didn’t have a difficult time putting a name to a face, or, really, more of a concept.

We’re having a son, and his name is Jake.

Ultrasound scan of Jake

The first ultrasound scan of Jake after finding out his gender.

Jake is a name I have liked since I began reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, and so I really wanted to call my son that. Luckily, Cheryl agreed.

We’ll meet in 20 weeks, and I cannot wait.