iPlayer downloads in Linux

After reading an article on The Register this morning about iPlayer downloads being circumvented by Linux users I did a quick search and found this page. There was a comment on there by Andrew Williams with a Firefox bookmarklet to help make things easier. It still relies on having a User Agent Switcher extension installed to get the correct address.

I decided to go one step further than that.

I discovered that even when viewing the site with your regular User Agent you can gather enough information to build the URL needed for the iPhone version. I spent a fair while working on an improved iPlayer bookmarklet which you can drag and drop into your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.

When you’re viewing a video in iPlayer you should click the iPlayer bookmarklet. It’ll change the title for the video to a command that you can copy and paste into your terminal. It’ll even name the file for you. 🙂

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