Sore throat stories

I’ve had a sore throat for the last week. It’s been really painful to eat, yawn, cough, or sneeze. This was most annoying when I had a morning-long sneezing fit the other day. I think I might be allergic to something.

I finished building all of the furniture we got from Ikea the other day. The TV unit looks pretty damn good! The bookcase has been fastened to the wall thanks to Lizz’s dad. Lizz and I have bought bins for the kitchen, and taken all of the empty boxes to the dump. It’s all really coming together now.

Dave got some bad news on Thursday, so he came over. We went to Sainsburys and bought a bunch of alcohol. Dave managed to drink most of a bottle of whisky over the course of the night. Katy and Vay came over for a bit in the middle of the night and had a couple of drinks. Dave fell asleep some time around 4, and I went to bed about half an hour later.

I called in sick the next day so I could hang out with Dave. We spent the day walking EVERYWHERE! We went into Casey’s for breakfast, but were three minutes too late, so we ended up going for a breakfast in The Widow Frost. Dave’s dad came in and I got him a coffee. When we’d finished eating we went for a walk around town. I was trying to think of something we could do all day. In the end we decided on making flapjack. It seemed impossible to find the recipe in the books in the shops we tried, and we also had no luck in Mansfield Library. In the end Dave looked it up on his phone. We walked to Tesco, bought everything we needed and then walked all the way back here again. We put whisky and blue food dye in the first flapjack mix, but it got a bit burnt because we were busy making the second batch and forgot to check it after 10 minutes. It turned out green. We put banana in one and coconut in another bit. Those two were really nice. I’ll definitely be making more!

Yesterday Lizz and I were going to be celebrating being together for a year (last Monday). Lizz was getting ready to cook me a meal when I decided it was a good time to bleed the radiator. I told Lizz to come in and watch so she’d know how in future.

Everything was going perfectly well until the point wher I had to tighten the pin again. It wouldn’t go in and water started spraying out. HOT water. Lizz ran down and turned the heating off and got some tubs for catching the water in. I couldn’t get the pin back in with the radiator key, and I couldn’t keep my fingers there for more than a few seconds because the water was so hot! I ended up grabbing some electrical tape and covering the hole with some of that. It provided enough insulation from the heat for me to be able to block the hole with my finger. I wanted to turn the radiator off, but there was no handle on the input or output, and the nut had been painted over. I ended up calling my dad. He arrived 20 minutes later and closed the input and output with an adjustable spanner, which is what I should have done. At the time I was more worried about doing something wrong and it getting even worse. :

The whole time that was going on Lizz was waiting to make dinner. so it was delayed by about an hour. She wasn’t very impressed and seemed to have the opinion that I’d done it on purpose. It was only supposed to be a 2 minute job, and every other time I’ve done it it has been! I guess I’ll wait until the water is cool before I do it again.

Today we’ve been and bought a few more things for the house (ironing board, kitchen bins, etc.) and been over to Lizz’s parents’ house for lunch. It’s been a pretty long weekend.

I’ve just spent a bit of time working on FoxyHistory. The next version’s coming along quite nicely at the moment. I’m hopefully going to get it released before October is out. We’ll see!

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