FoxyHistory 0.0.6

I released FoxyHistory 0.0.6. It’s mostly just a few functionality fixes. Filters can now be edited by double-clicking on them. The filters can also be re-ordered within the tree.

It was supposed to be really simple to have editing of filters because when you double-click on a treecell it brings up a textbox anyway. Unfortunately the textbox applies the changes within the tree, but the SQLite Template doesn’t save the changes back to the database. It’s the same problem I had with checkbox states not being saved to the database. 🙁

I looked at the stats for FoxyHistory on the Addons website and saw that there’s an average of 212 daily users of FoxyHistory, and a total of 386 downloads so far. That’s not bad considering that people have to sign up for a Mozilla account to download it.

I’m hoping that the public nomination process isn’t going to take too long, but I have a feeling it will do. The number of extensions waiting in the queue has only increased since I added mine. I guess there’s not really anything I can do about it either. :

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