Dual monitors at work

I decided to get a second monitor working with my computer at work so I didn’t constantly have to flick between workspaces and different terminal windows to write code and read my logs.

After a lot of messing around Jim looked over and told me about the xrandar program. It took a considerable amount of messing around (and a third monitor) to get everything working correctly. It’s still not quite perfect because I’m missing the bottom of the right-hand screen because of a difference in screen resolutions.

My desk at work

My desk at work

I was considering switching to something like Fedora or back to Ubuntu again because they’re usually pretty good at working out what to do with displays and stuff like that. Of course, it doesn’t help that the graphics card is an ATI something-or-other. nVidia cards are so much easier to set up because of their excellent little configuration tool.

2 thoughts on “Dual monitors at work

  1. I use dual monitors at work too. After some jiggery pokery I managed to get my desktop to span the monitors and haven’t looked back.

    My graphics card is an ATI and the catalyst control centre seems to do the job perfectly. =/

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