Remote Recorder Android app for Sky+ (and Sky+ HD)

A month ago I wanted to set something on TV to record from my phone because I was out of the house. I was aware of the Remote Record option available on the Sky website, and that I could send an SMS to a specific number to set it up, but the website is a real pain to use on my phone, and I couldn’t remember the phone number, or what to send to it anyway.

I figured there was probably an Android application for sending a remote record request via the web, and there actually was. I was very pleased, until I saw that is cost quite a bit of money. This was when I came up with the idea of writing my own Remote Recorder application.

After a lot of my evenings and weekends spent on it I finally have a working application that I’m satisfied with enough to release to the general public.

Search the Android App Store for “Remote Recorder” and give it a go!

Remote Recorder has a very basic interface. You enter the name of the show you want to record into the search box and results are returned for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a show a list of show times and channels is retrieved and displayed to you. If you long-click on the show description then a remote record request is sent to Sky and they forward it to your Sky+ or Sky+ HD box. Hey presto, your show gets recorded. 🙂

Your search results

Your search results

A list of showings

A list of showings

Sending your remote record request

Sending your remote record request

5 thoughts on “Remote Recorder Android app for Sky+ (and Sky+ HD)

  1. you didnt use the one already available because it wasnt free and you charge for your one? [Additional twattery removed -Stu]

  2. I made the app so that it was free for me. 😉

    I’m toying with the idea of having a free (ad-supported) version, but I don’t know yet. Random abuse from idiots isn’t exactly the encouragement I’m looking for.

  3. It’s redundant nowq that Sky have released their own Sky+Remote Record app for Android

  4. Indeed, I would definitely advise using Sky’s app over mine, it’s a much nicer app, and it’s free. 🙂

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