Camping at Darley Dale

I went camping at Darley Dale to celebrate Panda’s 30th birthday. It was nice to get out of town with a few folks (Kate, Ry, Pidge, Belly, Rhiannon, Helen, Panda, etc. etc.) and just sit in a field having barbecues and drinks until the early hours of the morning.

It really wasn’t very expensive, so I could actually see that being something fun to do once a month in the summer or something.

Helen and Rhiannon spent a great deal of time wrestling with each other on the floor. At one point they ganged up against me and tipped me over in my chair. My open can of Strongbow covered most of my right side. 🙁

We all spent a little while in the pub and then went back to the camp ground a few at a time. People started to go to sleep at this point.

I got to sleep at some time just after 3am and it was the most uncomfortably cold night I have had in my entire life. I woke up lots of times in the night. The rain helped to keep me awake at one point, but not for too long. I woke up again when people started moving around at 8am. Helen and Rhiannon left pretty early before I even got out of the tent. Everyone else had a leisurely breakfast followed by breaking up camp.

It was a really good night, and hopefully people enjoyed it enough to consider doing it a few more times this summer. 🙂

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