The Collector

Cheryl and I went to the cinema to watch The Collector yesterday. I’m kind of struggling to make my mind up about this film. The opening credits were pretty cool, and it definitely grabbed my attention. The rest was suspenseful and horribly graphic, which is what you expect in a horror film. Quite a few bits and pieces were very predictable, and just as frustrating and unrealistic as most horror films tend to be.

I found myself trying to solve the mystery of who the killer was only to find out that it’s not really anybody you’re supposed to be able to guess, and it’s not really significant in any way. Perhaps it could have done with a bit more of a story-line, but that would probably only serve to alienate the intended audience who are incapable of following a complex plot.

The whole film was similar to what I would expect from a Saw film, if I ever bother to watch one. It did make me consider that the protagonists name–Arkin–was some sort of homage to Saw… Like Arkansas, but then I don’t know if either film has anything to do with Arkansas, so it wouldn’t really make sense. No really good reason for the guy to be named Arkin though.

Oh well, if you want a random Saw-like gory horror film then go see The Collector. 🙂

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