Life is good

Life is good and things are going well at the moment.

Cheryl’s finished her dissertation, and has settled into the new flat really well. I have actually stayed there every night since the move, so I guess I’m settling in well too. 😉

At the weekend we went to see Les Miserables at the local cinema. The performance was taking place at the O2 Arena in London, but it was broadcast to the cinema. It was really good, apart from the slight delay between the video and audio. They were sending the video as it was recorded and the audio as it is delayed. It was quite annoying. I understand that in the arena most people would have to watch on the screen, and because the video takes a short amount of time to be processed there is a delay added to the audio to sync them up, so why wasn’t this done with the cinema broadcast? Oh well.

Last night we went to meet Dave and Hayley for some pizza and to discuss going away to Prague in February next year. It sounds pretty straightforward, and pretty much only relies on Cheryl having her new visa by then. It shouldn’t be a problem, so we’re going to go ahead and book it at the end of the month. Should be awesome!

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