Hey Motorola, I won’t be buying a Xoom

I was just reading about the Motorola Xoom tablet. It runs a new version of Android intended specifically for larger screen devices rather than mobile phones and it looks pretty cool in the bits I’ve seen.

As much as I want to buy one of these things I’m afraid that I’m not going to. Why? I own a Motorola Milestone.

My Milestone was advertised as Flash Ready™ when I bought it many months ago. Sadly Motorola still haven’t managed to get Android 2.2 on it, so I can’t actually view any Flash content at all. It’s not that I really care about Flash, but more the fact that Motorola lied to me. They lied to owners of some of their other Android phones too. Some people are stuck on Android 1.6 forever even though their phone is only a year old. It’s just not in the spirit of Android, as far as I’m concerned.

I will be patiently waiting for HTC or Google to release a tablet before I consider buying one.

I bet I’m not the only Motorola customer who won’t be buying anything else from them ever again.

2 thoughts on “Hey Motorola, I won’t be buying a Xoom

  1. More tech blogs should really be picking up on the absolute disaster that motorola EU really is with Android.

    Locked bootloader, broken promises, refusal to update, ignoring support requests, and a facebook filled with so many hateful comments you’d think they’d try some damage control, but they don’t.

    This is because most tech blogs are not reporting on it. They are only reporting on their American devision that is doing quite well.

    EU Android advocates should at least know to stay away from this company.

  2. You are absolutely right. I find it quite surprising that I haven’t seen any mention of how badly Motorola have got into the Android game in the EU. I didn’t even know people were as annoyed as me until I started reading their Facebook page when I was trying to get information about an upgrade. That seems like a VERY long time ago now, and I still want the same thing.

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