4 days to go, London so far

In 4 days we’ll be moving into the new apartment. Everything’s still on target. The flooring and furniture stuff should all be sorted by now. The payment is going through in the next 2 days, and come Friday at 4pm we will be getting keys! 😀

It seems like a good time to reflect on how the move to London has been so far.

I’ve complained a lot about sleeping on an inflatable mattress for the last month and a bit. It hasn’t really been too bad, but I am definitely looking forward to a nice comfortable bed!

We’ve been to quite a lot of places. Most of them have been fairly cheap or free, thankfully. There’s so much going on in London that we can’t come close to seeing everything we want to. I’m really looking forward to having nice reliable weather (come on global warming!) so that it’s easier to plan more stuff.

Work has been going pretty well, and I finally feel a bit more like I’m settling in with everything. I feel more comfortable saying I’ve finished code, and I don’t worry so much when it’s being reviewed. I think that will help me write better code in the long run. There are big differences in going from a small development team to a very large one, and from one system to another, but it’s nothing I can’t handle and get on with after some experience.

It’s been really nice to get a chance to hang out with JonP and Emma a bunch more than usual. It’s good to do some proper hanging out with old friends, and I’ve known Emma and JonP for longer than anyone I’m not related to. Longer than most of the people I am related to, in fact.

Of course I miss having my family and other friends around a bit, but they’re not that far away and I should be able to go up and visit fairly easily when I’m completely settled. Of course, they will be able to come down to stay then too. 😀

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