Mission Impossible 4

I went to Stratford with Cheryl, JonP, Mikey, and Irina last night. We got some food at TGI Friday and then went to the cinema to watch Mission Impossible 4. Now, I don’t want to ruin any of the film or anything but my favourite bit is right at the beginning.

Simon Pegg is sitting at a laptop and then he decided to let out a prisoner at a Russian prison. A guard comes in while working his rounds, potentially a few hours from going home to his wife and kids. Then he opens up a couple more cells and more prisoners come out and commence beating the shit out of the guard. Pegg lets more prisoners out and the guard continues getting the shit kicked out of him on the floor while we watch.

I’m not really sure of the exact reason for this whole scene because it’s not really a requirement for any of the stuff that happens during the next 5 minutes of the film. Seems like they just wanted to show a Russian prison guard being savagely beaten by hardened criminals.

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