New office

In the last few weeks most of my colleagues and I have moved to a new office near Barbican. It’s so much nicer than the old office, and it’s cool to be near a bunch of nice things rather than North Acton.

The new offices give everyone more space behind their seats, whiteboards all over the walls, pool tables, table football, bean bags to sit on, arcade machines, showers and bike parking, and it all just generally feels so much better. It’s so nice that I no longer have so many strong objections to staying late.

Because of the new location I’ve begun cycling to work. I’ve got my journey time down to around 20 minutes now, which is pretty cool. It’s roughly a third of the time I used to spend on the tube to the old office, and it doesn’t require a season ticket. So that’s over £100 a month saved if I don’t use the tube. Obviously I do still use the tube, but much less than before, so within three months I should have started to save money over the initial expense of the bike.

So all in all it’s a really positive move. 😀

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