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Oh yeah, look at this, I still have a blog. I haven’t updated it for half a year, but here it is, and here I am.

A lot has changed in 6 months. Cheryl and I got our visa. Cheryl had to quit her job and become an overstayer in order to start a fresh application. We paid (still are paying) for a solicitor and also paid extra for a quicker application. It was all done within a few days. I wish we could have done that last time to save us 18 months of stress and uncertainty!

I turned 30 and my dad turned 60. I spent a lot of time considering those ages because when I was born my dad was 30 and his dad was 60. It’s always made me think that I would have a child when I was 30. It’s not possible any more though. It’s strange to feel bad about breaking that sort of chain, but neither Cheryl nor I want a child right now.

Cheryl and I celebrated our 1st anniversary last week! We’re in the middle of planning wedding celebrations and ceremonies in Singapore and Nottingham at the moment. It’s going to be expensive, but hopefully we’ll have some spare money for going on some holidays. Cheryl hasn’t left the country for a fairly long time now, so a getaway would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve moved teams at work. I still work for Amazon, but now I am a developer on the Fire TV Music team. It’s an Android app, so it’s quite different from what I was doing before, but somehow more inline with what I’ve done in my own time over the last few years.

That pretty much outlines the major changes over the last 6 months. I guess I’ll update in 2015. 😉

One thought on “Still here

  1. Hi, it’s Carolin! apparently you’re still on my RSS feed! Haha.

    Glad to hear the end of the visa nightmare is nigh.

    I’d say no worries about the babies. Sometimes you have to be the c-c-c-combo breaker. When I moved to the states, I lived on 2 different streets that were named after a US president, so during my third move, I was excited when I went to look at an apartment on Garfield Ave. Turns out it was in such a scary part of town that I didn’t even get out of my car to look at it. Not worth the “tradition” 🙂

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