Another trip to America

For the last three weeks I’ve been in the USA. I came here to support the launch of the FireTV Stick.

I started out with a week in Seattle where I met up with Rik, Trevor, Oana, Mark Morgan, and a few other people I know. It was a lot of fun to catch up. I enjoyed Seattle much more this time than last time. I think it helped that I knew more people.

The team I was working with were also pretty cool, which was nice. I even went out to a bar with a couple of them, which is surprising considering how hard it is to get people from the US to go out drinking after work normally. I think it helps that Seattle is a lot more walkable than some other places.

After the first week in Seattle I flew down to San Francisco airport and headed into the Sunnyvale offices for the actual launch. Everything went really smoothly, as expected. We spent a lot of time making sure we had a quality product before launch, so it was nice that it all went according to plan.

I met a few people I’ve met before, a few people I’ve spoken to on conference calls, and plenty of new people. Managed to go out for a few meals and a couple of drinks, which is great. I was staying in Cupertino for the week. I was about 2 minutes away from the Apple HQ on Infinite Loop. There’s really not a great deal going on in Cupertino at night, so I mostly stayed in my hotel room, or the hotel bar.

For the last week I’ve been staying at Matt and Yenling’s house in Fremont. They live right around the corner from Shaun, but it’s been Thanksgiving week, so I haven’t seen Shaun yet. Matt and Yenling are in Mexico at the moment, so I’ve got their place to myself, which is really cool, but kind of strange. With Cheryl being 8 hours behind I’m spending most of my time just watching shows, reading my book, or singing along really loud to old music. 🙂

I spent last weekend in San Francisco with Serife from work. It was nice to have someone that I knew hanging around with nothing better to do. I got to play tour guide around SF. We walked over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito, as well as all over SF. We walked over 8 miles on one day, which gave me a blister. It was a lot of fun though.

In a week I’ll be on my way back to London. I’m kind of looking forward to getting back, although it’s hard to feel good about leaving a place where you can sunbathe in late November. 🙂

Cheryl and I are flying to Munich on Boxing Day for just over a week. I’m really looking forward to going away with Cheryl again. It’ll be nice to spend some time together out of the normal situation. 🙂

So yeah, thing are good!

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