Weddings and promotions and relocations. Oh my!

In May Cheryl and I got married (again) in Singapore. Cheryl’s family wanted a pretty big wedding that they could invite their family members, friends, and business associates to.

A surprisingly large number of our friends from the UK came over to Singapore to celebrate there. It was a lot of fun.

We got to stay in the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I booked us a suite on the 50th floor that came with a butler, a pool table, and many other nice little touches.

We’ll be having another wedding in a month, but this one will be in Nottingham so that more of my family can attend. We’re hiring out the University of Nottingham venue, and it seems like a nice place.

I’ve also been put up for a promotion here at Amazon. I’m hopeful that it’ll actually go through this time, and also hopeful that I’ll get to work on some bigger projects fairly soon.

There’s a good chance I’ll be working on bigger projects because I recently applied and got offered a job as a developer in San Francisco!

If everything works out correctly then Cheryl and I may actually move over there before the end of the year! šŸ˜€

It’s been a busy year so far, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down!

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