Promotion and relocation news

Today I got an email from my potential new manager in San Francisco. He told me that a better relocation package has been officially offered to me. It basically replaces my original relocation offer, which was just a lump sum. I would have needed to move myself to San Francisco, including buying flights, find somewhere to rent, etc. All of that (and more) should now be taken care of as part of my move.

I also got confirmation that my promotion is now officially going ahead in October. It’s taken two attempts and a significant amount of effort to get to this point, so to say I am happy right now is a massive understatement. Achieving a promotion at a company like Amazon is not something I thought I was capable of at many times over my life. To do so now has really made me feel proud of myself. It’s not something I feel comfortable saying, but in this case it’s just true. I feel like I’ve done well. 🙂

In a couple of weeks Cheryl and I will be having our wedding in Nottingham. We’ll be surrounded by our family and friends, and everything just seems to be going so well right now. I keep expecting something to go wrong at any moment, and every time it gets better I’m flabbergasted.

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