I’m updating because I’m in a house in which I don’t live, and the only other occupant is a child called Bjorn.

I’m literally responsible for this person right now. It’s not difficult because he’s asleep.

I don’t think I have ever been fully responsible for another person before in my entire life. Bjorn’s parents are heading to the hospital to give birth to Bjorn’s sibling. We met, briefly, in the hallway outside. I felt the edges of their focus on the situation at hand. Everything else must seem significantly less important in this situation.

That whole circumstance got new thinking about life, and the unusual situations you may find yourself in.

Right now, Bjorn is hopefully asleep, and probably dreaming about inconsequential things that he won’t remember tomorrow, or ever think about again. Meanwhile, I am on the sofa in the next room considering the entirety of existence simply because I’m on the fringes of the experience.

It’s a fascinating part of life that I have thus far been completely inexperienced in, excluding my own birth, and possibly a small presence after the birth of my sister.

I find myself just hoping that everything goes well, and wanting to take part in whatever activity can help the process go smoothly.

I look forward to hearing how well everything went and welcoming a new human being into this world as soon as possible. 🙂

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