Cheryl’s pregnant

Pregnant 3+

I was sitting on the sofa playing Rocket League when I heard Cheryl shout “OH MY GOD!” from the bathroom.

I quit the game, went over to the bathroom, and Cheryl said “it says I’m pregnant!” Then she said “Oh wait…” Then she said “yes, it says I’m pregnant.” I took the pregnancy test from her because I wanted to see it. Cheryl’s pregnant. I picked up the leaflet that comes with the test and it says the pregnant or not pregnant report is more than 99% accurate by this point. Cheryl’s pregnant. Almost definitely pregnant.

Cheryl began crying, not because she’s upset, but because she’s scared. I hugged her. I backed away not knowing what to say or do, then I hugged her again.

We plated up dinner from the oven and sat down to watch Independence Day Resurrection. We got just over 13 minutes through before giving up on both eating and watching a film.

I grabbed my laptop, logged into the VPN, and went to my medical insurance portal to look up a doctor.

Right now we’re just planning to use the other two pregnancy tests to confirm things tomorrow, and book an appointment with a doctor nearby at UCSF.

We spent time working out that the baby is probably due around mid-June.

Our lives are about to change drastically.

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