Baby on the brain

We’ve spent the last week thinking and talking about how life is going to be when we have a baby. Cheryl’s job is going to be an interesting thing to find out about. She’s a contractor right now, and employment law in the US is pretty shit for the employees. The best case scenario if she’d worked at the same company for a year would be 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Not exactly great.

We’re trying to figure out all the permutations that could work for us, but there are so many, and they all rely on what Cheryl’s employer will do. Thankfully we’re in a position where my salary is enough to cover all of our rent and bills. I can’t imagine how couples who live in this area can afford kids on lower salaries.

Anyway, we’ve been getting ahead of ourselves and thinking of possible names. We seem to have settled on names for both a boy and a girl, so that was easy.

We’ve both been discussing how to break the news to our families, and then to other people. It’s so difficult to have this sort of life-changing news and not be able to tell anyone about it. There seem to be 2 or 3 occasions in a day where it would make complete sense for me to bring up the fact that we’re expecting a baby, and I have to stop myself each time.

Cheryl has started taking a bunch of vitamins. We’re constantly checking the ingredients of food and second-guessing ourselves over whether it’s ok to eat certain things or not. I’ve made a lot of searches in incognito mode in my browser to avoid getting things auto-completed in front of colleagues or something like that. I’m so worried about the news accidentally leaking to someone before I’ve told anyone.

We have an appointment at the hospital on Monday, and I just want the weekend to be over so we can go there and get some concrete information and form a solid plan.

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