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Mark sucks sometimes… The mayor of Mansfield was scheduled to be at work yesterday morning, I was on nights so I was told to clean the place up. Even though David was asked to clean up when he was on nights and probably whoever was on nights between David’s shifts and mine. It wasn’t done, I know it would have needed doing again, but it wouldn’t have taken as long. Mark had nicely left out some used tissue for me to clean up … Used tissue … Surely that’s not something you forget or don’t notice… It was bright fucking pink on a light coloured desk. Things like that are the things that nobody doing the job that I’m hired to do should have to deal with. It’s personal hygiene, nothing to do with cleaning up. It’s common fucking sense. Common sense apparently not being Marks strong point (he has a strong point?) … Anyway, that was fun.

I deleted his username from Linux before I left so that he can’t log in and completely screw things over while I’m not there to fix them. I hope he doesn’t keep asking me to add it, he has no need to use it and he’ll only be getting in my way. If he asks for the root password then he can go fuck himself. There’s no way I’m letting him know that unless I’m completely sure he knows what he’s doing, as this will never happen I’m sure I’ll be safe.

I spoke to Laura for a while when I got back, then she went because I was falling asleep.

An uncertain amount of time later I said “I love you…” to her but there was no response. I listened hard and I thought I could hear her music so I said it again “I love you……” Nothing happened.

I half-heartedly looked around a bit and saw the telephone next to my pillow where I leave it … I wasn’t on the phone to Laura at all! I could have sworn the phone was resting on the side of my face … But it wasn’t! … I could have sworn I could hear her music … It was a lie!

I laughed at myself a bit as I remember saying goodbye to her earlier on. Then I went to sleep again.

I had a dream that somehow involved me losing my clothes … I managed to get a T-Shirt and it was quite a long T-Shirt so I was just managing to keep some dignity, nobody seemed to notice that I was only wearing it … so I carried on. It ended up with me in some dodgems smashing into people at top speed (0.0001mph) and stuff. A truly weird dream if ever I had one.

I woke up at about 7pm, stupid night shift, and went and spoke to Craig and Maria for a while. I reminded Craig that his girlfriend owes me £100. He told me that Mr. Fenton (landlord) is coming for the rent today at about 3pm. I am supposed to be getting paid today as it is the last working day of the month. Hopefully they will have paid me and I can pay my rent. If not I think I may have enough cash in my dad’s account to pay my rent… I hope.

I should be sending some light bulbs to Canada for Dan (Yakbak) who can’t find them in Canada anywhere.

I started writing up the letter to Laura’s parents too.

I called Laura and asked her how the councelling thing with her parents was going (why is everyone in America in councelling? (How do you spell councelling? Is that right?)).

They spoke about me… He (Laura’s dad) said he wants to meet me when I’m in America, so now he knows I’m going there at the end of March. He wants to speak to my parents or something, so he can get to know me better. It’s seeming more and more like he’s not just going to ban me from seeing her now. So hopefully this letter and a call to my mum will iron out a few problems and allow me to speak to her in a way that isn’t behind their backs. End all this cryptic shit.

Laura, strangely, said that she was going to get ice cream and watch South Park tonight… She doesn’t know who Mr. Hankey is, obviously not a big fan. She doesn’t normally hang up the phone to go watch TV. She said she needed sleep tonight, but she normally asks me to call her when I get in from work at about midnight her time…

So, at one point she announced that she was going to go do that now, she seemed a little too hasty for my liking though … We kept on speaking for about two minutes. Then I heard the little click which tells me that she has another call. She asked “Can you hold on a minute?” So I said “Of course…” and then proceeded to wait for a few minutes in silence.

She came back and told me that it was her mom and that she wanted to speak to her dad so she should go now.

We said goodbye and that was the end of the call… All very strange.

The call seemed to arrive at a time when she was sure that she wouldn’t be on the phone to me any more … Maybe (hopefully) it’s all my stupid suspicious mind working on me … But she never hangs up on me to go watch TV, especially South Park (see the Mr. Hankey thing earlier). Why would she suddenly say she was going to do that and then get a phone call? It just … It all seems too well timed.


I tried calling back, thinking that if it was her mom then she would be speaking to Laura’s dad and he would answer when the other call (me) announced itself. There was no answer, which made me think that it actually was her dad on the phone, either that or Laura was just ignoring it… But she rarely does that.

Stupid fucking suspicions. I hate them.

There’s probably no way I can find out what actually did happen without just asking her. If she says it was her mom then I should believe her, but I’m too … Too fucking stupid (or clever) to just trust her completely.

Bah, FUCK it.

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  1. At some point later in our relationship I asked Laura about this and she told me that some guy from her school was going over to her place.

    Lesson: trust your intuition, Stuart.

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