Woken calmly

I finally got around to switching my morning alarms (I have 3 set) to my own Android alarm app last night.

The difference was noticeable straight away when I woke up at 6:30am without jumping out of my skin. I felt so much more relaxed, and so I went back to sleep until the 6:45 alarm went off letting me know that I really should hurry up and get out of bed, so I did. The 7am alarm went off telling me I should be leaving the house, and so I hurried along and set off for work. 🙂

I love my app. 😀

Shake ‘n’ Not Stirred Android Alarm

I recently released an Android app called Shake ‘n’ Not Stirred which is basically just the default Android alarm clock but I added the ability to shake to snooze the alarm. I also added a mode for the alarm so that the volume begins fairly low and gradually increases so it doesn’t make me jump first thing in the morning.

I decided to go ahead and create a website for the application, so I threw the site linked to above together in a couple of hours. It’s completely basic, but it’ll serve the purpose for now. I should probably add some screenshots and a contact form at some point, but there’s no immediate hurry because I’m currently working on a complete rewrite of Remote Recorder.

Yay for Android applications! 😀