Everyone’s a critic

I just got an email from someone regarding my Petals Around the Rose Android app. It was the first app I made and is a very basic puzzle. I know it’s not the best thing in the world, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was quite a good test for building my first app.

Here’s the email:

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 2:07 PM, tawana ******** wrote:
It is a stupid game

You can imagine how pleased I was to receive this feedback via email. So here’s my reply:

Hi Tawana.

Well, thanks very much for taking the time to insult me and the effort I put in. It’s greatly appreciated.

Do you have anything you’ve created and given away for free that I can make fun of? If not then you’re not really in much of a good position to be insulting me, and I suggest you spend some time contributing rather than knocking those who are.

Go fuck yourself,

P.S. I took the liberty of searching for you a little bit online and I believe I’ve found your Twitter account: http://twitter.com/sexygirl****** which gives me the following location: 40.******,-73.****** which is in *********, NY. Is this correct?

I hope she replies.

Sky Remote Recorder update for Android

I made some changes to my Sky remote record app for Android available on the market today. The changes are fairly basic, and are mostly there to make the user experience a bit better.

For example, if your recording fails then you receive a screen where you can choose to test your login details on Sky’s website to make sure you’ve got them correct, you can also view the help on my site, or open the preferences to change your username and/or password.

The update will make it much easier for people to be sure their details are correct and solve any problems they may encounter when setting up remote record requests with Sky.

Remote Recorder Android app for Sky+ (and Sky+ HD)

A month ago I wanted to set something on TV to record from my phone because I was out of the house. I was aware of the Remote Record option available on the Sky website, and that I could send an SMS to a specific number to set it up, but the website is a real pain to use on my phone, and I couldn’t remember the phone number, or what to send to it anyway.

I figured there was probably an Android application for sending a remote record request via the web, and there actually was. I was very pleased, until I saw that is cost quite a bit of money. This was when I came up with the idea of writing my own Remote Recorder application.

After a lot of my evenings and weekends spent on it I finally have a working application that I’m satisfied with enough to release to the general public.

Search the Android App Store for “Remote Recorder” and give it a go!

Remote Recorder has a very basic interface. You enter the name of the show you want to record into the search box and results are returned for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a show a list of show times and channels is retrieved and displayed to you. If you long-click on the show description then a remote record request is sent to Sky and they forward it to your Sky+ or Sky+ HD box. Hey presto, your show gets recorded. 🙂

Your search results

Your search results

A list of showings

A list of showings

Sending your remote record request

Sending your remote record request