The Way I Are – Annoying Song Lyrics #3

Timbaland – The Way I Are is pretty much just a load of garbled rubbish from beginning to end, highlighted by the ridiculous title. The fact that it got absolutely played to death only made it worse. Yet strangely, the title of the song is not the part that annoys me the most about this song. It’s not even this ridiculous line:

I don’t need the cheese or the car keys

No, the part of the song that annoys me the most is the following section:

I don’t got a huge ol’ house
I rent a room in a house
Listen baby girl
I ain’t got a motorboat
but I can float ya boat

Seriously? Rhyming “house” with “house” and “boat” with “boat” in a properly released song is acceptable? This line is said by the rapper D.O.E. who I’m pleased to say I’ve never heard of before or since this song. I just thought rappers were supposed to be good with words. I was obviously mistaken.

S.O.S. – Annoying Song Lyrics #2

A song that used to get played on the radio a lot was S.O.S. by Rihanna. Every single time I heard this song it made me think of the exact same thing when it reached the chorus of the song. At first I simply misunderstood what she was singing, but later I couldn’t lose the thought I had come up with the first time. This is the bit I mean:

S.O.S. please someone help me
It’s not healthy for me to feel this
Y O U are making this hard

When I first heard this I thought Rihanna was saying it wasn’t healthy for her to “feel this way” and then proceeding to say “oh you are making this hard.” Some lyrics sites I searched actually came to similar conclusions.

When I realised she was spelling out a word I immediately assumed the “are” was just the letter R. This would mean she sang “your making this hard” which probably a lot of Rihanna listeners wouldn’t grumble about. They can’t use the correct “you’re” or “your” because they’re only 14 and they’re too busy looking after their babies.

Whenever I hear this song that bit annoys me and I’m forced to switch to another radio station immediately. One day all stations will cease playing Rihanna’s music and I will only have to switch stations when one of the other 1000 annoying songs come on.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Annoying Song Lyrics #1

I was listening to John Barrowman’s album in Hayley’s car yesterday on the way home from work. That’s a strange enough sentence to begin a blog post by itself, but that’s a story for another day, perhaps. Track 2 on the album is a cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. I’ve heard many different versions of this song by a variety of different artists, but I always seem to enjoy listening to it. The one thing really annoys me about the lyrics is something that not all artists do (thanks Muse), but most of them do. This is what I’m talking about:

You’re just too good to be true,
Can’t take my eyes off of you

I absolutely hate the pairing of the words ‘off’ and ‘of’ like that. In this case the title doesn’t even match the line that’s in the song!

99% of the time the word ‘of’ can be omitted or both words can be replaced with the word ‘from’ which is shorter to say and has the added advantage of not making the speaker sound like a 5 year old who hasn’t quite learned to speak English properly.