Jake Weilong Gilbert was born

Much to the surprise of Cheryl and me, Jake decided to show up a couple of weeks earlier than expected on May 28th, 2017, at 22:57. He weighed 2800g, or 6lb 2.8oz as the hospital recorded it.

Thankfully it wasn’t a long and protracted labour, and it began on Saturday morning after Cheryl woke up. Cheryl’s water broke without experiencing any contractions, so we made our way to the hospital in a much less panicked manner than either of us expected.

Labour was induced so that contractions would start. Cheryl held out for quite a while before going with an epidural for the pain. The actual push phase of the birth took about 90 minutes, and that seemed to go by extremely quickly to me!

Jake having some skin to skin time with his mum just after being born.

Jake having some skin to skin time with his mum just after being born.

Driving Jake home from the hospital was one of the more nerve-wracking journeys I’ve ever been on. I kept checking my mirrors to make sure cars were far enough behind, and not going to ram me. I kept looking at everything to try to anticipate any issues. We only live a few minutes from the hospital, so it went over pretty quickly, for which I am very glad.

Unfortunately we had a few problems. Jake was seemingly very sleepy, he didn’t even eat properly because he would fall asleep. We had a home appointment with a nurse, and she said Jake’s jaundice was worse. She took a blood sample and his weight and said that he had dropped 10% of his birth weight in 4 days.

A few hours after she left she called back and told us to get Jake to the hospital because his bilirubin levels were so high that he needed UV photo therapy to reduce them.

Jake under the UV lights

Jake under the UV lights

We spent another 24 hours in hospital, worried sick. Jake’s bilirubin levels dropped to an acceptable level, and we got given a meal plan to try to get Jake’s weight back up. He also had the frenulum under his tongue cut to give him more motion when eating, as he was a little tongue-tied.

Over the last couple of days he has started to eat a bit better, and seems to be less jaundiced in general. We have an appointment with a nurse in the next couple of hours and we should get some idea of how he’s progressing.

It has been a stressful week, but I’m so glad Jake’s doing as well as he is, even if he is keeping his parents up all night.