I guess I know I’m getting old because for the last few days I’ve been forgetting it’s almost my birthday. Today, in fact, I have had the occasional message come as a bit of a surprise. I’m 27 now, and that’s scarily close to 30. *shudder*

One thing I’ve noticed more and more over the last few years is that birthdays have changed. I remember many birthdays when family members came to visit, or called if they couldn’t make it, and “happy birthday” was the first thing someone said to you when you met them.

So far today I have had 2 people say happy birthday to me in person. Len and Tsomo were both there and awake after midnight last night, so they said happy birthday to me. Since then I have received somewhere in the region of 18 posts on my Facebook wall, 6 people have sent me a text, 3 random companies have sent me an email because I’ve entered my DOB on their sites in the past, but nobody has said anything to me in person. It’s very strange.

I guess it could just be because I’m at work, I live quite far from almost everyone I know, and I haven’t arranged any sort of birthday celebration… That’s probably a large part of it, but I still think Facebook and mobile phones have a large part to play in it.

Nice long weekend

I booked Friday off work so that I could help Cheryl pack up and move to her new place over the long weekend. Most of her things were packed by Friday afternoon and so we began moving things by hand to the new place half a mile away. We got a couple of runs of help from her friend Peter who had hired a van with his friend, so that helped a fair bit. We decided to watch Shutter Island before going to sleep, but Cheryl was asleep inside of an hour, and I was falling asleep too, so we just turned it off.

On Saturday Gordon came and gave us a couple of trips in his car, which moved out the vast majority of everything that was left and his help was absolutely invaluable. I will be making sure he has a plentiful supply of alcohol next time we’re out. 😀

After moving that stuff we went to Asda in Hyson Green and when we got back we decided to just hang out and watch films. We finished Shutter Island from the night before, and then Cheryl made me watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. We then began watching Fearless, but I realised I’d seen it before, and it was pretty late, and Cheryl was pretty drunk. I made her some scrambled eggs because she randomly decided she wanted some, and then we went to sleep.

On Sunday we caught the train back to Mansfield. My next-door neighbour gave us a lift back to Crown Street, which was very nice and helpful. We watched most of the England vs. Germany game at my house. :'( From there we headed to my sister’s house because it was her birthday. We hung out there for a couple of hours and then it was time to head back to Nottingham before the trains stopped running.

Rather than going straight home we called Rik to see if he fancied some drinks. Turned out that he did, and was already in The Three Wheatsheaves. We went and met up with him, Mike, and Tom and were joined by John and Hannah (unless I got their names wrong). After a couple of drinks we headed back to Cheryl’s old flat to gather the last remaining items and then took them over to the new place. There shouldn’t be any more stuff to move now, and it’s just a matter of finding a place for a thousand pairs of shoes.

Cheryl finds out her uni results today, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for her. 🙂

How exactly am I 26 right now?

Seriously… How am I 26? I remember being 16, I was just about to finish school, and that’s now a decade ago. I don’t understand where the time has gone!

Hell, I can remember when I got hit by a car when I was 13 years old, and that was now half of my entire life ago!

The passage of time can be quite depressing. Just think of all the things you’ve left behind already. You’re going to be doing that for the rest of the time you’re here. Nice, huh?

You might say that’s an incredibly pessimistic view, and you’d be right, but I’m a pessimist today, so go fuck yourself. 😛