Comic Sans

I decided that what the world really needs is more Comic Sans. I’m sick of having to read Facebook in another font. So, with that in mind I made a bookmarklet that I can click to change all text on a page to be in Comic Sans. 😀

If you drag this Comic Sans link to your bookmarks toolbar and press it on any page you will be able to view the web how it should be at the click of a button.

Enjoy. 🙂


After a brief conversation with a colleague I decided to write a little bookmarklet that you can use to make your days just a bit more fun.

Everyone knows that when Batman hits someone there’s a big Kaboom! or Kapow!

If you drag this Kaboom! link to your bookmarks toolbar and press it on any page you will be able to Batman punch things at the click of a button.

A man being punched by Batman

Batman punching some poor guy.

The bookmarklet is a little bit of Javascript that generates a random selection of stars using the canvas tag introduced in HTML5. That means it might not work on rubbish old browsers, but should work just fine if you’re living in the second decade of the 21st century.

iPlayer downloads in Linux

After reading an article on The Register this morning about iPlayer downloads being circumvented by Linux users I did a quick search and found this page. There was a comment on there by Andrew Williams with a Firefox bookmarklet to help make things easier. It still relies on having a User Agent Switcher extension installed to get the correct address.

I decided to go one step further than that.

I discovered that even when viewing the site with your regular User Agent you can gather enough information to build the URL needed for the iPhone version. I spent a fair while working on an improved iPlayer bookmarklet which you can drag and drop into your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.

When you’re viewing a video in iPlayer you should click the iPlayer bookmarklet. It’ll change the title for the video to a command that you can copy and paste into your terminal. It’ll even name the file for you. 🙂