The other week I went on my first holiday with Cheryl. It was also my first holiday with Dave and Hayley. Here is a bit of a run-down of how the whole thing went.

On Wednesday I finished work at 5pm and went back to Cheryl’s to get everything ready. We left the flat in the evening and caught a bus to Mansfield so we could stay at Dave and Hayley’s house. We had a bit of food while we were there and the drinking got underway too.

We woke up early on Thursday and got ready nice and quickly. We set off on the way to the airport at 8:56 and got as far as Glapwell before turning around and going back because Dave forgot his coat(!) and Hayley forgot her toothbrush (Chris Evans would not be impressed). We set off for on the way to the airport at around 9:20-something and didn’t have to turn around again. The journey there was fairly easy. There were a few moments where I thought Hayley was going to have a heart attack as lorries closed us in a horrible moving tunnel of death, and Dave was going to have a heart attack because of Hayley, but it wasn’t so bad.

The car was parked in a big car park and we caught a bus to the terminal. We went through security and stuff and then sat down for some food. We thought we had plenty of time, but within a couple of minutes of them announcing which gate we should go to they were giving the final call. We ran the last part of the way to the gate only to find the doors weren’t even open and we were at the back of a huge queue.

Once we’d gone through the regular hassle of getting on a bus to be taken 40 metres to the plane we got on and found that people had taken all of the space in the overhead lockers. My bag ended up at the other end of the plane, Dave and Hayley had theirs somewhere in the middle, and Cheryl’s had to go into the hold. I could go on about how this wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t charge so much to bring a case in what must often be a 75% empty luggage compartment, but I won’t.

The flight was pretty short, which is a good thing because the seat was not very comfortable. I managed to fall asleep for a few minutes and when I woke up my neck ached because of the rubbish seat.

When we got to Prague airport we had to wait a couple of minutes for Cheryl to get through the passport check point because the person she was being served by didn’t know if a visa was required, but we all knew it wasn’t. While Cheryl was waiting on the other side of the barrier Dave grabbed her bag from the carousel and then we pretended we were still waiting for it when Cheryl joined us. It took her a few seconds to notice that Dave was holding it.

We left the airport nice and quickly and stepped out into the freezing cold Czech day to find a taxi into the city. We got one at the front of the queue and started the last part of our journey. The view from the taxi was quite bland and grim-looking, but I guess that’s what it looks like when your country is freezing cold for 6 months of the year (even more than England!).

We checked in at the hotel, found our rooms, and set down our bags. It was nice not to have to pull them around any more.

After a little while we got ready, took some of our money, and headed into the city under cover of darkness. We were half way to the National Museum when Dave decided to cross the road in front of 3 or 4 lanes of traffic just as they started to move. He ran and the rest of us stayed on the pavement like normal people. We walked a bit down the road, crossed safely, then walked back to the end again and continued the journey to the museum. It looked absolutely awesome with all the lights on it and we took some pictures before realising it was too cold to just stand there.

We walked back towards the hotel for a minute and decided to go into a hotel/restaurant called Mušketýr. It was set mostly underground and was nice and dark with a really warm log fire. We had some drinks and some nice food and then decided we should move on to another place because it was a bit quiet and we were a bit loud.

Then I got bored of writing this blog post and got busy with moving to London and completely couldn’t be bothered to write it any more, so instead I posted another incomplete post about a holiday. I’ll include the random list of things that I was going to write about so that you can fill in some of the very exciting gaps for yourself.

Rocky O’Reilly’s
Singing along with Liverpool fans
Astronomical clock + old square
Little garden place just off the square with weird statues
Hard Rock Cafe
Tacky tourist shops
Book shop
New Yorker
Van Graaf
Zoo + shit restaurant
Stags Russian dolls
Restaurant near the hotel
Strip club
The Pub
Mr. Krakoviel (crack a feel) missing the flight

That was easy.

Birthdays, bad news, and buying furniture

On Friday I found out that JonP’s dad Peter had died the previous day. It’s really sad news and I can’t believe it happened. It was so completely unexpected as far as I knew. Dave, Len, and I went over to see JonP, Emma, and family over at Peter’s house and we stayed there until the early hours of the morning. I learned that you have to say your glass is half full no matter how much liquid is in it unless you want someone else to drink it for you.

Carly came to see everyone at one point. When it reached midnight it was her birthday, and also Peter’s brother-in-law George’s. We wished them all a happy birthday, which was quite strange considering the circumstances of the gathering. We left Peter’s house at 5am and went to McDonalds to get breakfast just as they opened. It was pretty nice at that time. Len caught a taxi back to Nottingham and Dave and I caught a taxi back to our houses.

I slept until about mid-day on Saturday and woke up feeling really hot even though it was overcast outside. Lizz was planning to go to Ikea, so I went along. We had all the usual arguments as we went around and eventually settled on a pair of wardrobes that are 236cm tall. That’s pretty much all the way to the ceiling in our bedroom. After we’d collected everything we began to wonder if it would all fit in the car or not. I called Dave to see if it would be possible to get his help if it wouldn’t fit in our car. He said there’s no way it would fit in his. It’s a good job we managed to get it all in our car. 🙂 The drive home was not a comfortable one for me as I had to sit on a folded-down seat crouched over like a hunchback. I couldn’t lean back because there were boxes beside me. I was glad to get home.

We constructed one of the wardrobes and then Dave and Emma came over to call for us. Lizz said she had to stay to work on the wardrobe because there were no doors or shelves or anything. I went along and we watched Yes Man at Hayley’s house before Hayley dropped us back off at home again.

Lizz went for a bike ride on Sunday, and so I got to work on the second wardrobe. I had just got it standing when Lizz’s dad and Philip arrived with the chicken coop. We moved that to the back garden. Lizz and her mum got back and we all hung out in the garden while Lizz’s dad put some rubber on top of the coop to keep the rain out.

When everyone had gone Lizz and I went upstairs and finished off the wardrobe and tidied up. Lizz got her clothes sorted out for the first time in a very long time and I think it made her very happy indeed. I didn’t have any coat hangers left over, so I’ll have to sort mine out later on.

I spent a while playing Burnout Paradise and managed to gain another couple of trophies, which is nice. Then Lizz and I relaxed on the sofa and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica before I went upstairs to bed before Lizz because I was so tired.

A very mixed, eventful, busy weekend. Looking forward to a more relaxing one soon!