Driving Theory Test (the second)

I wrote a blog entry yesterday, and forgot to post it. Here it is:
Today I am going to sit my driving theory test for the second time. I passed it 2 and a half years ago, but never actually got around to sitting the practical test. Unfortunately a theory test only lasts 2 years, and so now I’ve got to sit it again.

I haven’t really given the whole thing much thought, to be honest. I wouldn’t be that surprised if I failed because of the lack of effort and interest. I don’t want to fail it, but I also don’t care about passing enough to revise or anything like that. That seems kinda stupid, but oh well.

With any luck I’ll just go in there and pass it without much thought like I did last time. If not then I’ll book it again and put some proper effort in. I don’t like wasting money, but apparently that’s not a good enough reason to make a big effort this time.

I’ll update again when I know the results.

I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that I passed the test. 🙂 It could have gone better in the actual test, but I passed, so I no longer care!

Right, 2 years, let’s get cracking!