An awesome weekend

On Saturday morning I caught the train to Nottingham to meet Cheryl. The weather wasn’t very good so we didn’t end up going to the park to read. Instead we went to Starbucks for a drink and then caught the train back to Mansfield and a taxi up to my house.

We started out by getting drinks and then decided to watch a film. We began with Gamer, which wasn’t too bad, but was obviously very violent. After that we put on P.S. I Love You (yes, another Gerard Butler film). That was pretty good too. I can’t get over how much Hilary Swank looks like Julia Roberts at some points in that film.

We decided to go to the shop to get some wine and Strongbow before people arrived for the fire party/barbecue. While we were away people turned up at my house just over half an hour early. When we got back they’d gone down the road to talk to Paul, so we had a bit more time together before they turned up.

We all went outside and started trying to light the barbecue. This was taking so long that Dave, Helen, and I decided to nip to Tesco to get some barbecue lighting gel to put on there and some other little bits and pieces. When we got back we discovered that it had caught properly and there was no real need for any more help.

When the barbecue was being lit people had decided to start the fire in the fire pit. It took a little while to get going, but soon enough we were all sitting around the fire with barbecued food. 😀

Hayley had a fair bit to drink and started being a bit silly after a while. It ended up with Dave and Hayley having a bit of an argument (big shock!) and then everyone left at the same time. I spent a few minutes tidying up outside and then gave up and went in to see Cheryl instead. We decided to stick Book of Eli on, but only got a little bit into it before Cheryl was too tired to watch any more.

Sunday was spent watching films and eating take-away food. Pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday in my opinion. 😀

I really didn’t want to get up for work this morning, I want the same weekend all over again please.