I guess I know I’m getting old because for the last few days I’ve been forgetting it’s almost my birthday. Today, in fact, I have had the occasional message come as a bit of a surprise. I’m 27 now, and that’s scarily close to 30. *shudder*

One thing I’ve noticed more and more over the last few years is that birthdays have changed. I remember many birthdays when family members came to visit, or called if they couldn’t make it, and “happy birthday” was the first thing someone said to you when you met them.

So far today I have had 2 people say happy birthday to me in person. Len and Tsomo were both there and awake after midnight last night, so they said happy birthday to me. Since then I have received somewhere in the region of 18 posts on my Facebook wall, 6 people have sent me a text, 3 random companies have sent me an email because I’ve entered my DOB on their sites in the past, but nobody has said anything to me in person. It’s very strange.

I guess it could just be because I’m at work, I live quite far from almost everyone I know, and I haven’t arranged any sort of birthday celebration… That’s probably a large part of it, but I still think Facebook and mobile phones have a large part to play in it.