The Morning From Heck

This morning was quite annoying. It wasn’t the worst morning ever, but it was quite bad so I am calling it The Morning From Heck!

It started when I got to Canada Water station and saw that the Jubilee Line had severe delays. I figured I’d check it out because it’s not always as bad as they say. Well, I’ve never seen so many people in that station. The trains were about 10 minutes apart and their arrival estimates kept getting further and further into the future. One train arrived while I waited there and it was so jammed full of people that I immediately turned around and went up the escalators and headed to the Overground.

The Gherkin from Whitechapel Station

The Gherkin from Whitechapel Station

When I got to Whitechapel I had to wait for 3 westbound District Line trains to go through before the Hammersmith & City line train I needed pulled up just past me on the platform. I walked along to the end of the train and got on. When the doors opened at Liverpool Street I was greeted by about 6 million people all wanting to get on the train. I pushed through and made it to the stairs. I crossed the busy crossing area where people are heading in 4 separate directions and trying not to bump into each other. It reminded me of watching traffic in India.

I got to the Central Line and the train that was there was too full to let me on, so I walked down to the other end of the platform. The arrivals board said that the next 3 trains were arriving in 1 minute, 1 minute, and 2 minutes. 5 minutes later the train (that I could see in the tunnel the entire time) crawled into the station, stopped short of the end, waited for a minute, then pulled the rest of the way in. I squeezed on and got shoved further in the guy in front of me by the retard behind me.

As we went through central London the train gradually emptied. I managed to get a seat by the time we reached Bond Street where I would normally have boarded the train, only 20 minutes later than usual.

The journey went well for several minutes and I was glad. Then the driver started speaking. He informed us that this westbound train would be pulling into the eastbound platform at Queensway. We all had to get off the train, get by the perplexed people on the platform, and get to the westbound platform to continue our journeys.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and I was very pleased about that when I got to North Acton.

I called into Tesco Express to pick up 5 porridge cups for £4 only to find that they had run out. Instead I bought some nice porridge sachets with apple and blueberry in them. I got to work, settled down, and then went downstairs to sort out my breakfast. I followed the instructions on the sachet and then put the sachet inside a cup to prevent it from falling over in the microwave. I set the timer and then went about making myself some coffee.

Less than 2 minutes later I looked into the microwave and found a delightful sight awaiting me.

Quaker Oats explosion

Quaker Oats explosion


That was The Morning From Heck!



Just noticed it’s Friday the 13th. Hmmph.