Thinking of moving

Over the last few months while Cheryl has been applying for her visa we’ve spoken several times about the possibility of moving to Singapore together.

I enjoyed Singapore a lot when I visited last year, and I could definitely see me living there for a while. It opens up the possibility of Cheryl taking over her parents’ company, which would definitely help set her up for the future. I don’t know how much she’d enjoy the work, but with any luck she could take the business far enough that she didn’t have to run it day-to-day. That’s all speculation for another day though.

Since we spoke about it I’ve actually mentioned it to my boss at work. I’ve looked at Amazon jobs in Singapore to see if it would be possible to move internally and have a guaranteed job when I get there. The main issue with that option is that I don’t really know if I’m well-suited for, or interested in, the jobs on offer there at the moment.

I have also added my CV to JobStreet and have applied for a couple of interesting positions that I am confident I could do. I’m not convinced that I’ll get shortlisted for any though, as I’m not a citizen, or a permanent resident. Lots of the job advertisements specify that you have to be one of those two things before you can even apply.

It’s quite frustrating, but certainly not the end of the world.

We’ve been looking into the various visas on offer for me. It seems like I have several main options for an employment pass, which would be helpful, and then there’s also the option of getting married to open up other options.

I’d ideally like to stick out my current job for a while, get some experience in Java, more experience with Amazon on my CV, and save up some money so that I can afford to move to Singapore and find a job while I’m there, rather than finding one from here. I think it would be a lot easier, but obviously a lot more expensive.

So yeah, exciting times.


I’ve been in Singapore for a couple of days now and I’m pretty much adjusted to the time change. I’ve got a couple of minutes, and almost everyone I know is asleep at the moment, so I figured I’d write a quick blog entry.

I’m really enjoying Singapore so far. It’s really hot even when it’s not so sunny, which is strange at first, but nice. I’ve tried all sorts of food for the first time. Most notably pig intestine (wtf?) and durian fruit. Durian is on my list of things to eat, so I’m glad I’ve ticked it off at last. It’s not at all how I imagined it to be. The smell is very off-putting, and the texture is like a slimey avocado. It’s a good job it tastes pretty nice. 🙂

I’ve eaten at places called hawker centres a couple of times. They’re sort of like UK market stalls, but more permanent. Sort of like the size of a garage. It’s really cheap to get food there. It cost about £1.50 for some noodles. That sounds expensive at first when you consider you can buy cheap crappy noodes for about 10p in a supermarket, but these are much nicer, and it comes with pork, fish cakes, and fish balls included too.

— Update

I originally intended to update this post with everything I did in Singapore, but I didn’t, and to go back and try to do so now would take me too long. I tried to do the same in Indonesia and made a bit of a better job because I was there for less time, but it’s still not quite complete. I’m just going to post them now for the sake of getting them out before they’re completely pointless.

Furthest I’ve ever been from home

When I went to California it was the furthest I’d ever been from where I called home (~5000 miles). Since then I haven’t been anywhere near that far away again, and I got back 7 years ago.

Well, tomorrow I’m going to go further. Singapore is just over a thousand miles further from home than California was. In 2 weeks I’ll go even further and visit Australia, a clear 10000 miles from home.

I’ve never been further south than California or further east than Latvia. I’m going to be going a significant distance further in each of those directions. 🙂 I will be in the southern hemisphere for the first time in my life. I wonder what it will be like to look up at the stars and not recognise them.

I think it’s going to be awesome. 🙂

Some big changes coming up

I just went downstairs and said goodbye to Cheryl because she’s on her way to the train station, heading for London. She has a job interview when she gets there and it’s the most promising one she’s had so far. If all goes well it would mean some very big changes for both of us, and that can be quite worrying.

I hope Cheryl does get the job, because it’s better that than not having one at all. In that case she would have to go back to Singapore, which is considerably further away than London.

Oh well, I guess there’s no point in worrying about it too much at the moment, but yeah… It’s never easy, is it?