Twofifty Facebook app

I recently went to update my progress on IMDb’s top 250 films on the handy Facebook app by Tim Broddin only to find that it redirects to a domain that no longer seems to be working. I suspect this app has run its course now. How very annoying. The reason I’m most annoyed is that I used to be a member of a few years back. This site was also created by Tim Broddin, and it was also allowed to expire, so I lost track of my progress.

I wrote my own version to use for a while, but then this Facebook app turned up and I figured that was going to be a good replacement. How wrong I was.

I’m considering writing my own, again, and I will keep it running because I want to use it.

Pulitzer prize for a Twitter user

I am predicting that in the next year or two there will be a winner of a Pulitzer prize based on their Twitter updates. After doing some real research I have decided that the award given will probably be in the journalism section, using the following criterion:

“For a distinguished example of local reporting of breaking news, with special emphasis on the speed and accuracy of initial coverage, presented in print or online or both” from the PDF linked to above.

It’s pretty much got to happen, right? That whole criterion sounds like it was written specifically for Twitter.