Court date

Cheryl got a letter yesterday setting the court date for the hearing for her visa application appeal. It’s set for August 28th, which is a pretty long time into the future.

We’re going to look at hiring a solicitor to represent us in this because if it’s not insanely expensive we think it would help our case quite a lot. We have a bit of paperwork to prepare before that date, but it’s probably not really anything that we haven’t already got together for the original application.

Kind of all seems a bit silly since by the time we go to the hearing we will have been living together for over 3 years, and all we have to prove is 2. The UK Border Agency already accepted our evidence from March 2011, so it’s been well over 2 years at this point. This could all be avoided if common sense ruled.

Cheryl got her visa

Since December Cheryl and I have been worried about whether she would get her Post-Study work visa or not. Today Cheryl received it in the post. 😀

It means that Cheryl is free to look for jobs here, and we’re free to look for somewhere to move when Rik comes back from Thailand.

I didn’t really realise how much of a burden this thing has been over the last few months until it got lifted a little while ago. Such a huge relief is so nice. It means we can carry on with our lives instead of putting everything on hold while we wait.

One problem is that the Home Office still have her passport. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if we weren’t booked to go to Prague on the 17th (Cheryl’s birthday). I’m hoping the passport will turn up in the next few days because that’d make things so much easier. If everything’s sorted in time for us to go to Prague it will mean that I didn’t waste lots of money on flights and hotel bookings that they refused to refund just last week.

I get to keep my girlfriend around for at least another 2 years! 😀 No long-distance rubbish to contend with. Love it.

Oh and also, I got my first rent payment from my tenant. Today is a good fricking day! 😀