New office

In the last few weeks most of my colleagues and I have moved to a new office near Barbican. It’s so much nicer than the old office, and it’s cool to be near a bunch of nice things rather than North Acton.

The new offices give everyone more space behind their seats, whiteboards all over the walls, pool tables, table football, bean bags to sit on, arcade machines, showers and bike parking, and it all just generally feels so much better. It’s so nice that I no longer have so many strong objections to staying late.

Because of the new location I’ve begun cycling to work. I’ve got my journey time down to around 20 minutes now, which is pretty cool. It’s roughly a third of the time I used to spend on the tube to the old office, and it doesn’t require a season ticket. So that’s over £100 a month saved if I don’t use the tube. Obviously I do still use the tube, but much less than before, so within three months I should have started to save money over the initial expense of the bike.

So all in all it’s a really positive move. 😀

Getting settled

I’m starting to get things together at work now.

I’ve got a computer to call my own and I’ve taken in my keyboard, a new mouse, and my headphones. I’ve started to set up my environment so my keyboard shortcuts work. I’ve switched the Caps Lock and Escape keys so I can use vim comfortably again. It messes everything up for other people who try to use my computer though.

I am looking forward to getting to work tomorrow and getting some proper code written. I haven’t written any for a while and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to remember how to do it.

There’s a barbecue at work tomorrow afternoon after an all-hands meeting. It’ll be quite nice to see people ever-so-slightly out of the work environment, even if it is just in the car park. 🙂

I’ve started reading on the tube so it’s making the journey seem faster, and helping me get through my massive reading list. I’m looking forward to making some serious progress over the next few months. For now I’ll just be quite pleased to finish A Room With a View and then maybe renew my efforts of defeating Ulysses.

So yeah, basically things are going well. 😀

Dual monitors at work

I decided to get a second monitor working with my computer at work so I didn’t constantly have to flick between workspaces and different terminal windows to write code and read my logs.

After a lot of messing around Jim looked over and told me about the xrandar program. It took a considerable amount of messing around (and a third monitor) to get everything working correctly. It’s still not quite perfect because I’m missing the bottom of the right-hand screen because of a difference in screen resolutions.

My desk at work

My desk at work

I was considering switching to something like Fedora or back to Ubuntu again because they’re usually pretty good at working out what to do with displays and stuff like that. Of course, it doesn’t help that the graphics card is an ATI something-or-other. nVidia cards are so much easier to set up because of their excellent little configuration tool.